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We build iconic marketing that engages & inspires.

We Love to Measure Success

Do your marketing campaigns always achieve results? Mediocre marketing campaigns often deliver creative and copy, but lack the data to prove that the campaign was effective. Yeti builds marketing solutions backwards – from your goals, we consider design, messaging, and channel. We build campaigns from your KPIs so you can see the impact your campaign makes. If you’re feeling a little lost in the forest of mediocre marketing, we’re here to help. We are Yeti Society.



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Our Team

We're basically an island of well matched misfits. Because really, all you need is love.

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Bryan - Casual Bryan - Funny

Bryan Baker

CEO & Head Yetian
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Katheryn - Casual Katheryn - Funny

Katheryn Baker

Account Excellence & Yeti Guide
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Anthony - Casual Anthony - Funny

Anthony Tsim

VP & Yeti Evangelist
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Charles - Casual Charles - Funny

Charles Dahms

Project Manager & Yeti Therapist
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Christian - Casual Christian - Funny

Christian Johnson

Sr. Designer & Yeti Wrangler
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Matt - Casual Matt - Funny

Matthew Erickson

Sr. Designer & Lumberjack
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Sylvia - Casual Sylvia - Funny

Sylvia Ho

Business Intel & Animal Whisperer
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Sid - Casual Sid - Funny

Sid Batra

Account Excellence & Wilderness Explorer
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Josh - Casual Josh - Funny

Josh Dominguez

Marketing Manager & Interpreter
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Sharayah - Casual Sharayah - Funny

Sharayah Mitchell

Designer & Mountain Mystic